Saturday, 30th September 2023

Research Goals

  1. Create a unified planning document with requirements for the first permanent settlement on Mars.
    • Identify core facility, mining, manufacturing, agricultural, and other technologies needed.
    • Determine how relevant terrestrial research can be conducted to advance knowledge of these technologies.
    • Determine schedules for terrestrial research

  2. Conduct research into core technologies and methodologies with terrestrial facilities
    • Determine best methods to utilize materials & resources on Mars
    • Create prototype terrestrial-based hardware to demonstrate utilization techniques
    • Build analog terrestrial facilities to finalize Mars settlement building techniques and test operations

  3. Establish key commercial and financial interests to support a Mars settlement.
    • Emphasis is placed on Mars resource utilization and manufacturing to reduce transportation requirements and cost.
    • Partner with other organizations (commercial & non-profit) whose goals align with permanent settlement design.
    • Develop a framework for coordinating activities that are in the common interest of perspective private, commercial, and public involved parties.

  4. Generate a detailed plan for launching & building the settlement on Mars
    • Not tied to specific hardware
    • Determine methods to deliver cargo and crew for an initial permanent settlement of 12 crewmembers.
    • Settlement would possess an integrated manufacturing capability
    • Settlement would possess capability to seed other settlements

  5. Assist with the exploration of Mars with a focus on permanent settlement enablers
    • Survey Mars for underground water & mineral sources
    • Gather data to determine adequate locations of permanent settlements