Saturday, 30th September 2023

Press Releases & Announcements

25-July-05 Mars Foundation Completes Groundbreaking Mars Settlement Study, Major Publications of Technical Concepts Announced Press Release announcing completion of the programming effort and presentations to be given at key space conferences.
10-Sep-04 New Project To Design, Build A Home On Mars Press Release announcing the organization's formation, mission, and current progress.
1-Sep-04 First Announcement Email The first email sent to our Announcements list detailing the Phase 1 planning process and how you can help the Project.

Mars Homestead In the News

10-Aug-05 "The Homestead Project: Making a Mars Settlement a Reality" Local Copy
27-Jul-05 "Mars Plan Envisions Comfy Colony" Local Copy Wired News
18-Jun-04 "Builders in a Strange Land" Local Copy Wired News