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The Mars Homestead™ Project, the main project of the Mars Foundation™, is developing a unified plan for building the first habitat on Mars by exploiting local materials.

The ultimate goal of the project is to build a growing, permanent settlement beyond the Earth, thus allowing civilization to spread beyond the limits of our small planet.

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» Four Students Are Going To Mars (August 3rd, 2011)
» Staff Openings @ Mars Foundation (August 3rd, 2011)

Four Students Are Going To Mars

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

You can help 4 students working on Mars Settlement technology and concepts, PLUS get the word out that we CAN and SHOULD settle the Red Planet.

Four students will be performing a full academic year "Interdisciplinary Qualifying Project" at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), sponsored by the Mars Foundation. This is a research project equivalent to a full year course.

Their project is to:

  • Design the module of a Mars settlement, which holds the "fabrication lab" and repair shop, including a 3D printer, automated cutters, and plastics processing.
  • Create related publicity, such as documentary video footage, and educational activities to show off their work as after school activities, classroom presentations, interactive museum activities, and summer camps.

Their goal is to show children, the general public, and decision makers, that a very small amount of equipment on Mars, can be used to build habitats, furnishings, greenhouses, and more manufacturing equipment, thus bootstrapping the settlement of space.

YOUR financial support is needed so that their efforts can be more effective. They are committing more that 1000 hours. Will YOU commit the financial support?

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Posted by James Burk


Staff Openings @ Mars Foundation

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

We have the following positions open and are available for interested space activists anywhere in the continental United States, with preference to the Boston, Massachusetts metro area.

Executive Director / Associate Director
We are looking for a young and bright person who can be groomed into our next Executive Director for the organization, starting first as our Associate Director and helping primarily with administrative tasks. This can potentially be a paid position, but fundraising for the organization (as well as administrative tasks) will be part of the primary duties of this position. Interested candidates should be recently graduated from school and not currently employed full-time and be able to dedicate 20+ hours per week when necessary.

Webmaster / Technical Support Staff
We are looking for a new Webmaster (thanks to Ian O'Neill for his contributions thus far) in partnership with our senior technical leadership. An ideal candidate for this would be a young student or recent grad able to dedicate around 10 hours per week (sometimes less) but able to make site updates & perform tasks at a moment's notice.

Project Managers / Project Support Staff
We are always looking for experienced project managers and people with real space experience (industry and government) who share our interests in long-term space technology development and the ultimate settlement of the solar system. We are also interested in partnering with existing teams & projects who have shared goals.

Contact Us if you are interested in any of these positions.

Posted by James Burk

Selected Projects

Desert Settlement 2

"Mars Plains Settlement 2"
Building on the successes of the pioneering "Hillside Settlement 1", this new concept is currently under development to address settlement in open plains when hillsides are not available for the Hillside Base design.
Status: Active

Hillside Settlement 1

"Hillside Settlement 1"
The primary focus of the Mars Homestead Project™. This project is ongoing and currently being presented to a range of organizations and conferences.
Status: Design complete, outreach


Marspedia's mission is to cover everything we will need to know how to do on Mars to set up colonies, as well as related efforts, designs, and business models that may eventually lead there. Construction is underway and you can help!
Status: Active, ongoing